August 25, 2019

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Our Order of Worship


 Worship is central to the life of a Christian.  At First Lutheran Church we celebrate the gift of God's love given to us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  When you worship at First Lutheran Church you will have the opportunity to listen to God's Word and to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  

Worshipers gather to confess their faith, give thanks to God, share the peace of God,  and offer oneself to the mission of God.


Lutheran worship follows a liturgy.  Liturgy is a Greek word meaning, "a public work." 
It is a rite or celebration to give thanks and praise to God.  We use several liturgies over the course of the Church year including those found in our hymnals, "Evangelical Lutheran Worship" and "With One Voice."  Other Liturgies include: "Feast and Celebration" and "Holden Evening Prayer," both written by Marty Haugen. 


Music accompaniment is by pipe organ and occasionally guitar, violin, cello, brass and percussion.  Special music is offered by the Senior Choir (weekly through fall, winter & spring), the Joyful Sounds Handbell Choir (monthly), the Sunday School Children's Choir and various soloists, ensembles and instrumentalists.


A Sunday worship service contains two parts:  The Service of Word and The Service of Holy Communion.


The Service of Word may have the following components of worship:


1.  Hymn - Traditional or Contemporary Song that gives thanks

and praise to God.


2.  Apostolic Greeting - It is called apostolic because the words come from Paul's text to the Corinthians (2 Cor. 13:14).  It summarizes the gifts of the Trinity which are grace, love and communion.


3.  Kyrie - Greek word meaning "Lord."  We begin our worship using an ancient litany petitioning God's intervention in the life of the Church and the world.   


4.  Hymn of Praise - canticle using the Gloria in Excelsis (Glory to God in the highest) the words sung by angels announcing the birth of Christ or using a more recent hymn "This is the feast..." based on passages from Revelation.  


5. Salutation - Latin for "greeting."  Words shared prior to the prayer.


6. Prayer of the Day - Brief prayer or also known as a "Collect."  Centers on readings for the day.

7. Lessons:  Two readings (normally one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament letters)  In between the readings is sung one of the Psalms.


8.  Verse - biblical text sung prior to the reading of the Gospel.


9. Holy Gospel -  Greek for "Good News."  The major reading appointed for the day from one of the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.


10.  Sermon - Latin for "talk."  The sermon is the proclamation/exposition of God's Word for today.


11. Hymn of the Day - a response to the lessons and the sermon.


12. Creed - Latin for "I believe."  The creed is a profession of faith.  There are three ecumenical statements in the Church: Apostles', Athanasian,and Nicene Creeds.    


13. Prayers - Latin for "request" or "entreaty."  The congregations response to the Word and expressing concern for all the people.

The Service of Holy Communion


14. The Peace - greeting one another as a sign of love and unity in the name of the Lord.


15. Offering - Lifting up our thanks and gifts of bread, wine and money to the Lord.


16. Offertory - Biblical verse sung during the procession and presentation of gifts.


17. Offertory Prayer - Prayer appointed for use in the Communion following the presentation of gifts.


18. Great Thanksgiving - contains four parts within the Communion Liturgy:

         Preface Dialog - preface is Latin "to speak before."  It is the oldest portion of the liturgy that is based on the                ancient Jewish rites regarding the meal.

         Proper Preface - celebrating with the whole Church in heaven and on earth, we give thanks and praise                remembering God's saving acts throughout time.

        Sanctus - Latin for "holy."  We sing "holy, holy, holy" at the conclusion of the preface.

        Eucharistic Prayer - Eucharist is Greek for "thanksgiving."  Prayer of thanksgiving for God's creation and                        salvationn.  The Eucharistic Prayer proclaims the "Words of Institution," the words which Jesus spoke,                    "on the night in which he was betrayed...."  


19. The Lord's Prayer - The prayer taught by Jesus.  Shared following the Great Thanksgiving in preparation of      receiving the Holy Communion.

20. Agnus Dei - Latin for "Lamb of God."  Canticle sung following the Lord's Prayer as a reference to the crucifixion of Christ and the gift salvation given for the whole world.


21. The Holy Communion - The baptized faithful come forward to receive the bread and wine with the words, "The body of Christ given for you." and "The blood of Christ shed for you."  The response of the recipient is "Amen" meaning "so be it."


22. Post-Communion Canticle - song of praise and thanksgiving for the Holy Communion. 


23. Post-Communion Prayer - brief prayer of thanks following Communion.


24. Benediction - Latin for "blessing."  A blessing is given to the congregation at the conclusion of the service


25. Hymn - Concluding song of thanks and praise to God.


26. Dismissal - The congregation leaves worship to go into the world to serve and love God!