August 25, 2019

 WORSHIP TIMES8:00am & 11:00am

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8:00am & 10:00am

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Monday through Friday

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First Lutheran Church

109 West Third Avenue

Warren, PA  16365

(814) 723-6450

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Our Worship Services

Sunday Worship Schedule

8:00am & 11:00am

Sunday School  9:21am


Summer Worship Schedule

Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend through Sunday of Labor Day Weekend

Sundays:  8:00am & 10:00am

No Sunday School




The 2011-2012 Liturgical Year


Liturgical Year 2011/2012     Cycle B 


Date                Liturgical Day                                     Color               Commemoration/Special Notes


Advent            Feast & Celebration


November 27    First Sunday of Advent                          Blue                 First Communion

December 4      Second Sunday of Advent                    Blue                 John of Damascus, Theologian &

                                                                                                                 Hymnwriter, ca. 749

December 11    Third Sunday of Advent                         Blue

December 18    Fourth Sunday of Advent                      Blue


Christmas                   Setting 3 ELW           


December 24*  Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas Eve)     White

December 25    Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas Day)    White

January 1          The Name of Jesus                                White              

January 6*        The Epiphany of Our Lord                       White


Time after Epiphany (Ordinary Time)


January 8          The Baptism of Our Lord                       White

January 15        2nd Sunday after Epiphany                    Green               Martin Luther King, Renewer of Society,

                                                                                                                  Martyr, 1968

January 22        3rd  Sunday after Epiphany                    Green

January 29        4th  Sunday after Epiphany                     Green

February 5        5th  Sunday after Epiphany                     Green               Martyrs of Japan, 1547

February 12      6th  Sunday after Epiphany                     Green

February 19      The Transfiguration of Our Lord             White


The Season of Lent    Setting 4 (ELW)


February 22*     Ash Wednesday                                    Purple

February 26      First Sunday in Lent                               Purple

March 4            Second Sunday in Lent                          Purple

March 11          Third Sunday in Lent                               Purple

March 18          Fourth Sunday in Lent                            Purple

March 25          Fifth Sunday in Lent                                Purple               Annunciation of Our Lord (transferred to


Holy Week


April 1              Passion of Our Lord (Palm Sunday)       Scarlet

April 5*            Maundy Thursday                                     Scarlet             

April 6*            Good Friday                                          No Paraments   Albrecht Durer, 1528; Matthias Grunewald,

                                                                                                                1529; Lucas Cranach, 1553; artists

The Season of Easter Setting 3 (ELW)


April 8              The Resurrection of Our Lord (Easter)   White

April 15            Second Sunday of Easter                       White              

April 22            Third Sunday of Easter                            White

April 29            Fourth Sunday of Easter                          White               Catherine of Sienna, Theologian, 1380

May 6               Fifth Sunday of Easter                             White

May 13             Sixth Sunday of Easter                           White

May 17*           The Ascension of Our Lord                     White

May 20             Seventh Sunday of Easter                      White              

May 27             Pentecost                                                 Red                  John Calvin, Renewer of the Church, 1564


The Time after Pentecost (Ordinary Time)  Setting 5 (WOV) 6/3 -8/26/Feast & Celebration  9/2-11/25  


June 3               Holy Trinity                                              White            Martyrs of Uganda, 1886; John XXIII, Bishop

                                                                                                               of Rome, 1963

June 10             2nd Sunday after Pentecost                    Green

June 17             3rd Sunday after Pentecost                     Green

June 24             4th Sunday after Pentecost                     Green

July 1                5th Sunday after Pentecost                     Green             Cartherine Winkworth, 1878; John M.Neale,

                                                                                                                 1866, Hymn Translators

July 8                6th Sunday after Pentecost                     Green

July 15              7th Sunday after Pentecost                     Green              

July 22              Mary Magdalene                                       White

July 29              9th Sunday after Pentecost                     Green              Mary, Martha & Lazarus of Bethany, Olaf,

                                                                                                                  King -Norway, Martyr, 1030

August 5           10th Sunday after Pentecost                   Green

August 12         11th Sunday after Pentecost                   Green              

August 19         12th Sunday after Pentecost                   Green

August 26         13th Sunday after Pentecost                   Green

September 2      14th Sunday after Pentecost                 Green               Nikolai F. S. Grundtvig, Bishop, Renewer of

                                                                                                                    the Church, 1872

September 9      15th Sunday after Pentecost                 Green               Peter Claver, Priest, Missionary to

                                                                                                                    Columbia, 1654

September 16    16th Sunday after Pentecost                 Green               Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, martyr,

                                                                                                                     c. 258

September 23    17th Sunday after Pentecost                 Green              

September 30    18th Sunday after Pentecost                 Green               Jerome, Translator, Teacher, 420

October 7         19th Sunday after Pentecost                   Green               World Communion Sunday - Service

                                                                                                                   w/First Presbyterian @ FLC

October 14        20th Sunday after Pentecost                  Green

October 21        21st Sunday after Pentecost                  Green

October 28        Reformation Sunday                              Red                  Simon and Jude, Apostles

November 4      All Saints Sunday                                   White

November 11    24th Sunday after Pentecost                  Green

November 18    25th Sunday after Pentecost                  Green

November 21*  Thanksgiving Eve                                   White               @ St. Paul Lutheran Church

November 25    Christ the King                                       White               Isaac Watts, Hymnwriter






*indicates non-Sunday Service